Access to services

The International Day for Street Children (IDSC) was created to give street children at least one day a year when their voices and those supporting them would be heard.  StreetInvest intimately involved in its creation and have been supporting the day ever since.

This year, the theme is ensuring that street children simply have access to basic services – a need brought into painful focus during the Covid crisis which has simply magnified the problems these children have in finding food, water and shelter, let alone access to education or health services.

StreetInvest will be celebrating the tireless Street Workers who make access to these services possible.

read their stories

We will be adding stories of the children and the Street Workers throughout the month…

Help amplify their voices

Please feel free to join in the conversation.  Stories of all these will be shared by StreetInvest and others on social media (we use @StreetInvest for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn and using the hashtags #streetchildrenday, #IDSC2021, #AccessForStreetChildren). Forward, share and respond to our posts and/or send us your thoughts and comments.

Captain Tom 100 Challenge

It is by complete, but fortuitous, coincidence that the Captain Tom 100 Challenge has been launched today – exactly the same day as the International Day for Street Children campaign begins. The Captain Tom challenge, led by Captain Sir Tom’s daughter and family, invites anyone, anywhere, to do something for any charity they wish to support … but they have to do it 100 times. We know we ask much of everyone already, so we are not asking anyone to commit to this but, if you feel you would like to join in and support StreetInvest, our partners and street children, we have pages to help you do so on both Virgin Money Giving and JustGiving